The Meaning of Manga

Mangas are comics that are made in Japan and conform to the style of the Japanese culture. There is a long and drawn out history when it comes to manga, but in Japan the word is used to refer to cartooning and making comics. When people use the term manga outside of Japan they are referring to comics that were published in Japan originally.


Who Reads Manga

People read manga everywhere in Japan of all ages. The genre of manga is extremely broad with such topics like:

·    Action/Adventure- Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind

·    Comedy- High School Debut

·    Detective- Master Keaton, Patlabor, Monster, and Case Closed

·    Horror- Parasite, Doubt, Hideout

·    Romance- My Little Monster, Skip Beat!, Love Com

Ever since the 1950’s, Manga has been a huge part of the Japanese publishing industry. In 2012 the manga market was valued at $250 million just in Europe and the Middle East. Some popular topics of manga include:

·    Robots- Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, Macross

·    Space-travel- Captain Harlock, Star Wars, Galaxy Angel

·    Heroic action-adventure- Highschool of Dead, Elfen Lied

And some common themes of manga include:

·    Science Fiction

·    Technology

·    Supernatural Settings

What Manga Look Likes

Manga is usually printed in black and white although the covers are brilliantly designed with color. The art is such a treat for people who just fall in love with the ride that a great manga story can show you page after page. There are of course many fully colored manga volumes that are released as well. Mangas are usually put into a serialized large manga magazine, which tells more than one story, a reader may only get one chapter per magazine. For the most successful mangas they often go onto become feature films. Sometimes manga are drawn based on other shows or movies that have been released already.