Amazing Girls are Triumphing on YouTube

YouTube, the best platform for tutorials, is now the center of a small community of girls that has started to be very important. Any of these girls, whether or not they buy YouTube views, could have up to three million followers of their YouTube channel.

They make videos with a female touch that go beyond what we are used to seeing on channels about makeup or hair.

Fashion, beauty, music, game are just a few of the themes that they normally share about.

These women are their own bosses, with their own brand, and there are achieving the impossible dream.

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The subject that most of these women talk about is actually centered around politics, and they are trying to send a message. They don’t work for or allow ads from brands that send out sexist messages or commercials, and they are very, very involved in changing and bettering the place of women in society.

One of these is Isasaweis, who often speaks out about violence against women. She came to be known on the internet thanks to a video she made about how to make a monkey with a pair of socks. From that moment, the engineer didn’t stop uploading videos about beauty, makeup, fashion, motherhood, and crafts. She’s even written healthy cookbooks.

These women don’t buy YouTube views, but they have millions of followers because of what they stand for – women.

Others like her include Yellow Mellow, who has two channels and has two million followers, Bely Basarte, one of the YouTubers that sings. And, there is also Andrea Compton, who was born on Madrid in 1991 and makes both Vine and YouTube content for various magazines and actors.

These women are using their talents to get a message out to the world.