5 Types of Love Spells

You may not believe in magic, but do you believe in love? Love has always had a strange power over us, and for eons people have struggled to gain a power over it. From witches to shamans most cultures have stories of those who can bend the mystical forces behind love to their will. We are going to cover some of the favorite rituals that many prove that love spells work.

The Full Moon Spell

This has its roots in Wiccan rituals and requires candles, cinnamon and of course a full moon. There are many variations of this spell you can find, though most include a chanting of spell words as well as the lighting of candles and a power circle. This is a general spell used to attract general love and fulfillment into your life.

The Sex Spell

This spell is reminiscent of the ancient Roman God Dionysus, the god of fertility and wine. Coincidentally you will need some red wine -as well as rose petals and fresh soil. You must imagine the sexual encounter you wish for, or say it aloud. After that you “Fertilize the Soil” with red wine while offering your praise for the god of sex. There are many variations of this ritual found in ancient texts and even in more modern wiccan rituals.

A Spell to Heal a Relationship

You will need a candle, a tree and some writing utensils. This spell usually requires you writing down your issues with your relationship or marriage and then burning the paper in the candle. You then write down your hopes and dreams for the relationship, and find a thriving tree. Tie the paper up with some rope to form a strong know, then bury this bundle under the tree. This is done to add strength and power to your love.

Hopefully these spells help, and prove to you that love spells work.